Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remedy:Open Window action (Dialog) displaying the form in a bigger size on a midtier

Sometimes you might have observed that in an activelink open window action(dialog) displays it as a bigger dialog on a browser.In the user tool the form is opened in the correct size (rendered based on the size of the components on the form).Even after removing the fields from view,the form-still gets scroll bars and a bigger sized window .Adding a few more fields below the form grows the form size is even bigger.Removing the newly added fields is also resulting in the same bigger sized form.

Need to just do a small setting so that the form would be rendered in the required size on midtier as well.

In Developer studio,go to "Layout" menu and choose "Show Actual View Size" (short cut is CTRL+ALT+M) and adjust the view size as needed.
Save the form after your changes,flush the midtier cache

You should see the form in the appropriate size now